Treating Diaper Rash

Whether it’s a difficult or a mild case, diaper rash can be easily treated with Triple Paste® medicated diaper rash ointment.

Triple Paste should be applied during each diaper change and after bathing. To achieve complete care, in preparation for applying Triple Paste (or any diaper rash ointment), clean your baby during bath time with Triple Wash® gentle diaper rash formula and dry him or her completely.

Apply a visible layer of Triple Paste to the affected area, and be sure to use an extra-thick layer before bed or at any point where there may be additional time between diaper changes to ensure protection against moisture and irritants.

Be sure to keep the diaper area as dry as possible for quick healing. If possible, allow your child to remain naked for several hours a day. As one noted dermatologist once said, "There cannot be diaper rash without diapers."

At night, use a disposable diaper that is recommended or approved by your pediatrician, or use a double layer of soft cotton diapers, loosely pinned. Be sure not to dress your baby in rubber or plastic pants, which will only intensify diaper rash symptoms.

If your pediatrician has prescribed additional medication to use with Triple Paste, apply this BEFORE using Triple Paste. Because of the barrier that Triple Paste provides against moisture and irritants, other topical treatments will only make full contact if applied before Triple Paste. After applying any skin medications, then use Triple Paste on the treated area to help protect and allow the medicine to work!