What people are saying about Triple Paste®

Parents and Pediatricians love Triple Paste because it’s the premium ointment for treating and preventing diaper rash. But don’t take our word for it — read what they have to say. Have your own story? Share it with us!

  • “Just what I expected: excellence”

    “Triple Paste works. Within days, my daughter’s diaper rash was gone. Triple Paste is just what I expected: excellence. I will be a loyal customer forever…I have recommended this to family and friends. They are also pleased with the outcome.” Monique D., mother of six Canton, GA
  • “I love this product”

    “I have been using Triple Paste since my daughter was younger. My daughter had a lot of rashes due to being sensitive to her diapers. After using Triple Paste, the rash was gone! I love this product and I recommend it to everybody. I also use it for my baby now!” Tina L., mother of four South Fork, PA
  • “I highly recommend Triple Paste”

    “As a board-certified pediatrician since 1971 and the author of the section on "diaper area skin diseases" in Gellis and Kagan’s Pediatric Therapy volumes eleven and twelve, I highly recommend Triple Paste. It is often my first choice for conditions not requiring corticosteroid treatment. ” Dr. Gary Gorlick, MD Los Angeles, CA
  • “Allows for immediate relief”

    “I had used your wonderful product when my first daughter was young—my neighbor swore by it when her children had diaper rash, so I purchased it. I remember being completely amazed by the healing and used it each and every time that she had diaper rash. My first-born is now six, and I had almost forgotten about Triple Paste until my new baby had a case of diaper rash. Off I sped for some Triple Paste, and, once again, it cleared her diaper rash! Truly amazing. I just wanted to thank you for creating such a healing product. Nobody wants to see their child hurt or in pain, and your product allows for immediate relief.” Mother of two East Hanover, NJ
  • “Parents are amazed”

    “[Triple Paste] has been very successful when treating persistent diaper rash. Parents are amazed at how quickly diaper rash clears.” Dr. Enmei Wang, MD Wakefield, MA
  • “My first choice in treatment”

    “Triple Paste is my first choice in treatment.” Dr. Marshall Goldberg, MD Encino, CA
  • “Works so effectively”

    “I always recommend Triple Paste to my patients because it works so effectively. It is thick and stays on skin well to help rashes heal quickly. It is my #1 choice for treating diaper rash!” Dr. Amy Spoto, MD New City, NY
  • “It works great.”

    “Triple Paste worked for many patients after single applications. Parents are convinced from that point on. It works great. Highly recommended.” Dr. Patricia Gao, MD Edison, NJ
  • “Works quickly…greatly appreciated”

    “For difficult diaper rashes, Triple Paste works quickly and is greatly appreciated by parents (and the non-verbal patients!)” Dr. Alice Harrington, MD Valparasio, IN
  • “What a great product!”

    “What a great product! Parents think it works wonders, and it makes us look like heroes.” Dr. Teresa Carson, MD New Windsor, NY
  • “Triple Paste works”

    “Triple Paste works on the most persistent diaper rashes. I have had great success with it and would recommend it to my colleagues. ” Dr. Marie Medawar, MD Encino, CA
  • “Instant soothing pain relief”

    “Provides instant soothing pain relief for even moderate to severe diaper dermatitis. Promotes healing and protects the diaper area from further breakouts.” Dr. James Carlile, MD Wetumpka, AL
  • “I use it all the time”

    “Triple Paste really works. I use it all the time. It’s a product that does what it says it does, and that’s why I recommend Triple Paste for a myriad of diaper rashes.” Dr. Jay Franklin, MD Miami, FL
  • “Heals irritated skin”

    “I like Triple Paste because it is very gentle and soothing for babies’ delicate skin. It heals irritated skin very fast. It is effective and parents have given me positive feedback about this product.” Dr. Naheed Saif, MD Hagerstown, MD
  • “An excellent product”

    “I am a pediatrician and a mother. I have found Triple Paste to be an excellent product both professionally and personally. It provides fast and effective rash relief.” Dr. Beth Singer, MD Warren, NJ
  • “Protects and promotes healing”

    “Triple Paste protects and promotes healing.” Dr. Janice Bistriz, MD New Rochelle, NY
  • “I use it at home on my baby”

    “Triple Paste is my number-one choice for over-the-counter diaper rash cream. I recommend it to all my patient families and it is what I use at home personally on my baby.” Dr. Rachel Whitlock, MD Roswell, NM
  • “Well worth the money”

    “I love Triple Paste. I have been using it for about four-and-a-half to five years now. When my children have diaper rash, I use Triple Paste and it goes away. I also have a small home daycare and I use it on those kids as well. About four years ago, my son had such a bad diaper rash that his little bottom was red and bleeding. I asked a pharmacist friend what she recommended and she said that she lived by Triple Paste. It cleared up his rash within days! It is well worth the money. Thank you for such a wonderful product!” M. Gikas Tyngsboro, MA
  • “Wonderful product”

    “Thank you Summers Laboratories for inventing this wonderful product. I have three boys and have used Triple Paste for all of their diaper rashes. I have twenty-one month old twins still in diapers and another set of twins on the way. Having four kids in diapers is going to be tough enough; I am glad I have Triple Paste to rely on for both sets of twins. Thank you.” S.W. Harleysville, PA
  • “An amazing product”

    “I was so worried when my nine month-old son had severe diaper rash. The doctor recommended Triple Paste and it cleared up his rash in triple the time! Thank you for creating such an amazing product.” Laura Long Island, NY
  • “Now my son asks for ‘cream’”

    “My twenty-one month-old son had diarrhea for over a week and his bottom was raw. I remembered that the hospital only used Triple Paste, so I bought some. Now, he asks for “cream” at every changing, and we gladly give it to him!” Brooke Eagle Mountain, UT
  • “Thank you!”

    “Four years ago, my son had a diaper rash that we couldn’t manage. His pediatrician gave me a sample of Triple Paste and told us that it used to be prescribed, but it was now available over-the-counter. Triple Paste is AMAZING! Thank you!” Jessica, mother of two Orlando, FL
  • “It worked”

    “I just wanted to say thank you for making Triple Paste because it worked on my little girl’s rash that she had for two weeks. So thank you, thank you, thank you.” Kelly H. Lawrenceville, GA
  • “A staple in each child’s room”

    “I have recently been referred to Triple Paste to use for my daughter’s stubborn diaper rash and occasional redness and I have truly been amazed by the results! Having a twenty-one month-old at home and a new baby on the way, Triple Paste will continue to be a staple in each child’s room as well as at the babysitter’s house. I have been a strong advocate recommending this product to all of my friends with children and it has been met with great reviews as well.” Mother of 2 Magnolia, OH
  • “Triple Paste worked!”

    “I’d like to recommend Triple Paste to any caregiver facing a hard-to-treat diaper rash. One of my twin boys had a terrible diaper rash that would not go away. It was so raw that I wanted to cry just looking at it. Triple Paste worked! Thank you for literally saving our baby’s bottom!” M. Miracle Belle Mead, NJ
  • “Love it”

    “My son has sensitive skin and is prone to diaper rashes. Triple Paste was recommended by our pediatrician, and we have been in love with it since our first use! It works to relieve soreness. My son even requests it! Love it. I recommend it to anyone with children.” J. Ritzow Muskego, WI