Diaper dermatitis is a highly common ailment that can easily reoccur throughout the entirety of a child’s time in diapers. Initially appearing as redness or chafing of the skin covered by the diaper, diaper dermatitis can become increasingly irritating and painful, causing severe discomfort for young children.

Whether it’s a difficult or a mild case, diaper dermatitis can easily be treated with Triple Paste® medicated diaper rash ointment. Recommended by the leading pediatricians and dermatologists, prescription-strength Triple Paste works quickly to relieve raw, irritated skin caused by diaper dermatitis. Triple Paste is fragrance-free and hypoallergenic, so it’s 100% safe for babies.

Triple Paste should be applied liberally to the affected area at diaper changes and before bed to provide complete healing and relief. It contains ingredients specifically formulated to heal and prevent diaper rash, including zinc oxide, lanolin, and beeswax. Strong enough for diaper dermatitis—safe and gentle enough for everyday use, thanks to Triple Paste’s long-lasting barrier that prevents reoccurrence. You and your patients can count on Triple Paste as the premium ointment for treating and preventing diaper rash.