Diaper Rash Care Kit

Everything You Need to Comfort your Baby’s Diaper Rash

STEP ONE: Cleanse and Calm with Triple Wash® Gentle Diaper Rash Formula for the Bath.

Triple Wash starts the healing process for diaper rash. Add Triple Wash to the bath as directed to help thoroughly clean your baby, safely removing irritants that can cause or contribute to diaper rash.

STEP TWO: Allow Skin to Dry and Apply Triple Paste® Medicated Diaper Rash Ointment.

With every diaper change, apply a visible layer of diaper ointment to the affected area. Apply a thicker layer before bedtime or any other instance where there might be additional time between diaper changes to ensure fast treatment and relief.

Triple Paste Diaper Rash Care Kit is available at Diapers.com, Buy Buy Baby, ShopRite, Giant, Stop & Shop and other fine retailers.